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Pandemic has driven the cost of product and services to the extent a repairperson coming to perform a home  repair commands top dollars just to visit and say good morning. Additionally, they can fetch $500 just to reset a circuit breaker, or they can demand $200.00 to plug in your computer that you thought was defective. Of course, I taught my students to ask for a glass of water to have the customer leave. It would not be nice to perform the repair in their presence and charge that amount of money to make them look foolish.

Indeed, you are foolish to what you do not know. Hence, this course will teach you how to perform some repairs as well as know how much a repair should cost. 

SO the plan is to:

Earn good monies making repairs or advising others on repairs. Save hundreds of dollars doing your own repairs or being an informed shopper.
Example. Laptop does not powers up. Problem: Power supply and battery dead. Cost of parts $40. WORSE BUY charges $250.00 for the repair. (2) Microwave not heating. Problem: Magnetron defective. Cost of part $260. Company will charge you $600 for the repairs.
I will teach you to use a multi-testmeter usage, soldering, and the troubleshooting techniques to make quick repairs.

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