About Us

The Institute for Hands-on Science, Engineering & Technology (IfHoSET), Inc.  is a New York-based Not-for-Profit Corporation established by Dr. Rupert Green and Dr. Antoinette Myers to; (a) undertake research activities to help address some problems related to under-performing youth in failing New York City schools and (b) advance knowledge in stakeholders such as parents, educators, and policymakers.

Dr. Green ascertained that, based on limited prior knowledge before beginning their formal education, the learning styles of many NYC students have made them more receptive to a 21st Century Vocational education curriculum. Such curriculum would employ hands-on web 2.0 technologies (Ipod, Google, Face book, Google Docs, Twitter) and allow for integration with academic subjects.  Dr. Myers ascertained that the immigrant background, social and cultural beliefs, and parental disposition of many of the Caribbean-American students, whether through cultural upbringing, or socioeconomic status from migration, impacted their schooling and learning abilities.

IfHoSET holds that “all children can learn” and that schools are the major institutions charged with imparting teaching and learning to them.  That means acculturating them to be good citizens and stewards of this rewarding nation.  Additionally, we believe in the concept of villagers helping to raise a child, leading to the use of community based institutions to help with the educative process.


To provide experiences that support student-centered success in education.  We are committed to creating innovative programs that meet the needs of the spectrum of students in the community.  Our collaborative team will work with students to address their unique needs, valuing individual achievements, concerns, and both short and long-term goals.  Our student-centered approach will provide support generating a paradigm shift within the communities and NY City as a whole.  We aim toward establishing a self-sustaining, informal STEM learning program to train youth in a learning-centered environment that engages them in academic, Career and Technical, and co-curricular activities.

Overall Goals

Provide educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults.

Offer educational advancement opportunities for youth and adults.

Undertake activities that strengthen communities through modeling of citizenship and civic engagement to the youth.

Increase students’ knowledge of academic success behaviors and habits.

Assist underprepared, prepared and high-achieving students in developing the skills necessary to achieve their academic goals.  

Provide hopefulness and possibility, with expected life balance and professional excellence.


The IFHOSET was formed in 2012. Its founders were city employees that focused on volunteering activities to avoid any conflict of interest.  Within those activities, it maintained a STEM-based website that offered information to viewers and lessons for teachers and students to freely access.  Co-founder Dr.  Rupert Green’s long history of community involvement genesed the organization and is evidenced by the following recognitions:

Recipient of a NYS Challenger Scholarship for teachers.

Man-of-the-Year Awardee from the Bronx Chapter of the National Association of Negro and Professional Business Women.

A 113th Precinct Community Council Honoree,

Recipient of a surprise call from a police chief inquiring about his community after Hurricane Sandy.

Queens Kiwanian Club Awardee.

Bronx Borough President Grant Recipient.

Fund for NYC grant Recipient.

Primary Organizer of community block associations and has conducted block parties in Bronx and Queens over the last 20 years.

Dr. Myers is a professor with similar distinction.  She has educational experiences teaching in the US, Trinidad and Tobago, and London.  She is passionate about advancing opportunities for females.

Our associate members represent a multi-ethnic and multi-national group of researchers, business people, scholars, role models, and informal STEM educators, some being American teaching in different nations.